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Year: 2023

How To (Safely) Get New Tires Installed On Your Airstream

So you want to replace all the tires on your Airstream, but hesitate to haul your entire rig into a tire shop? We don’t blame you! Here’s what we’re gonna do…

Top 5 Scariest Things About RV Towing (That No Longer Scare Me)

At first I was afraid, I was petrified! But then I towed our Airstream for 14,000 miles and now I’m as chill as Vanilla Ice in 1990. Word.

The Best Way To Make Coffee In An RV – Without Electricity!

COFFEE! You need it. You want it. You have to have it, with or without the aid of electricity. Break the hold electricity has over your morning brew today!

Can AGM batteries run your Airstream all night long?

Can AGM batteries keep your furnace running all night long in freezing winter conditions? What can you do to make them last? Find out!

How we made our Airstream’s screen door a bit easier to open

In two minutes or less, you too can can open your Airstream’s screen door like a waiter busting through the kitchen door at a restaurant!

Is your Airstream’s door hard to close? Try this simple fix.

Learn how we made our Airstream’s door dramatically easier to close with about 12 seconds of effort.

Are Texas state inspections for RVs coming to an end?

Texas state inspections for non-commercial vehicles are going away in January 2025. But what about travel trailers and 5th wheels? Will they also be exempted?

The Roof Leak (Part 3)

The third and final installment of our epic and excessively dramatic journey halfway across the country to get the roof leak in our Airstream repaired.

The Best Checklist App For Planning Your Next RV Trip!

I’ve tried them all, but there’s only ONE checklist app that I like to use when preparing for road trips in our RV. Free example list inside!

[RV Internet] Peplink router stuck “obtaining IP address” – solved!

Three cellular providers, one recurring error message. Here’s how we figured it out so we could have rock solid internet access while traveling in our RV.

The Goal

A commitment is something you keep doing even after the emotions that precipitated it have long since subsided.

The Roof Leak (Part 2)

The second part of our dramatic tale about the discovery of a roof leak in our 2022 Airstream Flying Cloud Office and our journey to get it repaired.