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Our Story

Hello! We’re Nick & Jill.

As long as we’ve known each other, Jill has desperately wanted a cabin in the woods. In Colorado. But given that we lived in Austin Texas, buying a second home in Colorado was a challenging prospect. Who would care for the cabin when we weren’t there? How many days out of the year would we realistically spend there? How much would it cost? What about all the other places we wanted to go to?

Somewhere around 2018 or 2019 the idea of buying an RV as a sort of “rolling cabin” that was sometimes stationed in the Colorado woods began to take hold. We initially gravitated toward Airstream because, well, they’re beautiful and awesome, but we were immediately dissuaded by their exceptionally high prices. Over the following few years, we waffled back and forth between Airstream and Grand Design, how big we wanted to go, did we want slides, did we want a travel trailer or a 5th wheel, and what kind of truck we needed to get. We went through periods of intense research, and others when we didn’t think about it for months at a time. Then, in the summer of 2021, we went on a road trip that brought everything into focus. We came home knowing exactly what we wanted.

To celebrate Jill’s birthday, in July of 2021 we embarked on a two week road trip covering 3,000 miles all over Colorado. It was spectacular in a life-altering sort of way. We visited Pagosa Springs, Durango, Ouray, Leadville, Vail, Minturn, Louisville, Glenwood Springs, and many other places along the way. We visited friends and family. We hiked and took pictures and drove crazy mountain roads. And every time we saw an Airstream being pulled by a Ram truck, we melted with envy. By the end of the trip, only one question remained: Would we be able to work from an Airstream? If not, we’d only be able to take long trips once a year or so.

We both worked remotely full time, but weren’t aware of any RV on the market that would meet our office requirements. Throughout the pandemic, Jill repeatedly predicted that RV manufactures would read the tea leaves and start building models that included dedicated office space. Nick always dismissed these prognostications. No way, he’d say, RV manufacturers will take years to adapt. This topic came up many times over the course of our 2021 road trip as we fantasized again and again about what it would be like to tow an Airstream around the country, working along the way. A few days after we returned home Nick googled something like “travel trailer office” and found this article. We were floored. Jill cheered “I knew it!!”

We immediately contacted our local Airstream dealer. You’re in luck, they said, we actually have a Flying Cloud Office on the lot right now. It’s already sold to another customer, but you’re welcome to come down and have a look at it before they pick it up. Seeing it in person convinced us that—indeed—this was the right RV model for us. A few days later, we put down a deposit and began waiting. Around the same time, Nick sold his 2017 Tacoma and ordered a 2022 Ram 2500 Laramie with the Cummins diesel engine. It was August 2021 and although we originally expected the truck to arrive within 90 days and the Airstream by December, we didn’t get the truck until early December and the Airstream took until mid-March 2022.

Then, our adventures began!

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